My new sounds:

First beat in a long while

New beat for you guys!

First beat in a month!




RaidenMajor - It’s Only Right [Prod. KReam Team] [Major118]

New joint, it’s been a minute since I’ve dropped anything since I’ve been on a hiatus from writing and been producing a lot more. Definitely gonna start writing more and producing less to give y’all more shit to bump. Hope y’all fuck with it.

new track from the homie, everyone peep!

keep reblogging!

MIA with the UK flow.

I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN A PLACEMENT FROM A MEETING WITH AN A&R.. OR ANY MEETING AT A LABEL.. EVER.., not once in my life.. but i got like 70-something songs released tho.. soon to be 90-something.. just remember that when they’re shooting your shit down or wasting your time in that office kids.. | #keepgoing (via fauntleroy)